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Tecnologias de la Luz México was a pioneer in Optical Disc Archival Storage in Mexico. We have been installing robotic optical disc systems in México for over twenty years. Systems have been installed and maintained by us in applications such as Medical, Banking, Broadcast and many other markets.

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Tecnologias de la Luz México provides service contracts for Sony Optical Archive Systems, as well as many legacy robotic optical disc libraries, (such as Plasmon-brand).

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In addition, we have expertise in many other products, such as production scanners and Storage software.
Let us know we can help.

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We are experts in locating and importing many difficult-to-find spare parts.


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The new standard for data Archiving

An entirely new Optical disc based storage is the optical disc archive. Up to 1.76 PetaBytes in a single rack! The system involves the use of multiple bare discs contained within a very robust cartridge and a dedicated disc drive unit with an associated software driver able to manipulate discs individually - providing a seamless read write capability.

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PetaSite Scalable Library & File Manager

⚊ Optical Disc Archiving
⚊ ODS-L30M Master Unit
⚊ ODS-D280F Drive Unit
⚊ ODS-D77F Drive Unit
⚊ PetaSite Scalable Library
⚊ ODS-L60E Extension Unit (Drive and Cartridge)
⚊ ODS-L100E Extension Unit (Cartridge)

⚊ Fully Scalable
⚊ Automated Failover of Library Control Pad
⚊ Co-existance of auotmated library operation and offline self management
⚊ High Performance of end to end operation
⚊ Best solution for partial retrieve
⚊ Interoperability between library and standalone drive

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Expandable with up to 5 Extension Units

The ODS-L30M forms the basis of the PetaSite scalable library that is easily scalable with ODS-L6OE (Drive and Cartridge) and ODS-L100E (Cartridge only) extension units. The ODS-L60E extends the PETASITE, scalable library operating alongside the ODS-L30M and ODS-L100E (Cartridge only) expansion units, while the ODS-L100E extends the PetaSite, scalable library operating alongside the ODS-L30M and ODS-L6OE (Drive and Cartridge) expansion units.

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⚊ Water disaster resistant
⚊ Average read rate of 250MB/s
⚊ Non contact read/write technology
⚊ Extremely low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
⚊ World´s first 8-channel optical drive unit
⚊ More than 100 years life by ISO based acceleration testing
⚊ Durable and resilient in a wide range of environmental conditions




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